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The entrance good spots!


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Find structure like bridges, wharf's etc. Avoid somewhere with a lot of people walking around / 100 lines in the water. Fresh bait with an incoming high tide. I'd take prawns, squid & chicken gutt. Go on the low tide and pump nippers on the sand flats, These are probably one of the best baits you can use for bream.

Check the pressure you want it about 1016 preferable. Today is 1015 so I would give it a go if I wasn't at work! Anything too low and bream seem to shut down.

Low light / night would be best. Entrance is hard due to how popular the area is. I was there for dinner Saturday night and it was packed out with people fishing.

Light mono line maybe 6lb main with 8lb fluro leader.

Marked a few spots I would try.


Good Luck!

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The Entrance has many good spots for fishing.

Around the bridge, especially at night for bream. West of the bridge is the wall, a popular blackfishing spot,

East of the bridge is great fro prawning, whiting on the flats, a range of fish in the run to the sea where at the mouthjewfish and flathead can be found. Blue swimmer crabs can be found in much of the system.

The channels running away from the bridge to the west, north and south are also worth a look for flathead, blackfish and bream.

The rivers that enter the lake hold perch and bream and further upstream bass.

The beach at The Entrance is a great spot for bream, whiting, flathead, tailor, salmon and of course jewfish.

The local rocks are difficult to fish as they are mostly pretty exposed to swell and wind. Calm seas, winds and low tides should put you in touch with some drummer and other reef species.

All in all, there's plenty of spots to try but like all fishing it's a matter of experience which helps you select the right spot at the right time with the right bait using the right gear in the right tide, moon and sun, wind and swell conditions at the right time of year for your target species.

It's a matter of persistence: putting in the hard yards over time through thoughtful fishing that changes technique when not getting much interest.

Good luck and be prepared for some fishless days...after 25 years fishing the lake I still miss out plenty of times. Living only minutes away, I can go home after 30 minutes of no takers and maybe come back later when the conditions have changed for another go.


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