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Canberra Fishing


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Am off to Canberra for work/play this weekend. Any suggestions of good spots? The :wife: will be at floreade, so I have plenty of time.

I'm probably going to use lures and see what I get (yellas, trout, cod, redfin). Has anyone tried the section of the river near the airport? I've heard ginninderra falls is good - any experience there?

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Googong is about 40 minutes away and is still under 40% full. If you are at Floriade, I would suggest spinning/luring the walls around Commonwealth Bridge and thru to the wall behind the Hyatt Hotel. Lake BG is reasonably clear, but fishing is still quiet, althougth some reports are coming in. I caught a 68cm cod last week, but nothing but a small redfin this week.

The Molonglo between Duntroon and airport is OK if access with boat/canoe, but weedbeds can make life difficult spiunning from the bank.

I would offer a boat trip, but am committed to the garden this weekend ('s OK - I usually go midweek when SHE is at work :)

HOpe that helps


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Thanks for the tip!

Didn't have any luck, but liked what I saw! I had a go near the hyatt, and also near duntroon. There were fish jumping in the river near duntroon - not porpoising like carp, but decent breaches of the water. Any idea what they were? I was hoping Trout! They didn't take lures, but I can imagine in a boat it'd be much bettter, as you said.

I'd love to know what those fish were!

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Dunno what the fish could be - maybe redfin chasing fry - they get somewhat excitred at times, and someone said that there were a lot of reddies in the river.

Havn't heard of too many trout in the lake - it has been a while since any were released, ACT Govt concentrating on releasing natives (either yellowbelly or cod).

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