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Bate Bay 24/9/05


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Posted - 25 Sep 2005 : 06:59:43 AM


Thought I might try for aome snapper in Bate Bay but as got to the middle of tme Bay I was met with a stiff breeze from the south by the time I got to the north end of the bay it was blowing quite strong ,tryed to anchor over some of the spots I wanted to fish but between the wind and curent it was impossible ,so time for plan B, Went over to Simos reef in the mouth Bate Bay all iI got was under sized flathead ,moved out a reef called the middle ground in about 30 meters some divers turned up droped anchor and jumped in so I did a drift a bit wider ,heaps of small flathead just under legal but with odd good fish ,but I started to loose hooks ,I only had one wire droper rig put it on and started get leather jackets ,did 4 or 5 drifts and ended up with a good feed [PICTURE WILL NOT LOAD] :ranting2::ranting2:

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