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Swansea Channel


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Gday all

I am heading off to lake mac/swansea for 4 days of camping and fishing over the long weekend staying at the swansea gardens lakeside holiday park.From what i can gather from the map the park has both lake and channel frontage, can anybody confirm this? What sort of fishing can i expect in the lake at the moment, or is the channel/beaches the place to fish in this area ?Is it worthwhile hiring a boat or canoes to fish the lake or is there reasonableaccess to good fishing from the shore? Any info from those in the know would be much appreciated thanks TROUTBOY :1fishing1:

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No reports from the last couple of weeks from me. but TwinFisher has been doing alright on the lake of late, but you will need a boat to get where he is fishing...

Although i know the area very well that you are talking of.

The caravan park that you are talking of has the "lake" on one side, and the channel on the other.

There are plenty of sand flats just out the front of the park (lake side), on low tide you can wade across to the sand flats, pump some yabbies and then have a go at some of the Bream in the channel, or if you are very lucky some of the whiting that are in the area. There is plenty of fishing in and around that area. A small walk will see you down at the channel where there are all the normal estuary species. A small drive will see you get to Blacksmiths beach for some good beach fishing.

I would have a look around the area first, then if need be, you can hire a tinny in the channel at the Marina, or head over to Thommos Marine at Mark's Point, if you get a boat, head to the "Drop Off" at the entrance of the channel to the lake, you will see heaps of boats fishing that area...



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I've read reports of Kings in the channel and my brother in law got onto one right at the bridge one time. Live bait and heavy gear is essential though.

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