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How 2 Land Some Decent Fish In Botany Bay?


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Gidday guys,

just a quick post im only fairly new to the fishing scene jus brought my self a nice boat and im keen to get out to botany bay and catch some big 1's.. hehe :1fishing1:

the main reason for this post is in regard to


wats the best line to use for the bay brand and pounds????

also what hooks are the go??

id like to target flatties, bream, snapper and what ever else :1yikes:

although i doubt if i ever hooked a KINGIE in the bay he wouldnt realy last long on 6lb line huh... :(

At the moment i hav 6lb line on all my reels.. my 1st ever trip into the bay i had some EXCELLENT hook ups but the line just snapped... although i managed to surface a small port jackson but once he got close to the top he chucked a mental and snapped the line.. :05: GREAT FUN tho....

so guys it be awesome if you have any hints tips or advice for me..

thankx for ya time fellas...

good fishing and tight lines every1 water temp starting to rise a little in the bay BRING ON THE FISH :thumbup:


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im not sure what strength line you want

i guess it depends

berkley fireline is probably the best line to use :thumbup:

i would get green 6lb or 8lb for the species u said


I wouldn't use fireline for bait fishing though. If your using lures no problem but fireline is too responsive for bait fishing. The moment you feel a nibble it feels like a big bite and usually miss the hook up. With mono lines it allows the fish to put the bait further in it's mouth by virtue of it's stretch factor and low sesitivity. 6lb lines is really all you should need as long as you have your drags set properly. If your lines keep snaping easily it may be due to poor quality lines or poor mainteance of those lines.

Platypus platinum and super 100 are great lines

Maxima is another good line

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