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Nepean Bass 18 Nov or lack of


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My first session for the season fishing the yak upstream of Yarramundi was a major fizzer, on the water at 06:00 and put casts into every snag I saw and not a hit until 08:30 which resulted in a 15cm bass, and over the next hour had 3 more bass but all micro sized at about the same 15 cm mark.

I didn't see any surface action during the session and went through my range of lures from surface lures , spinner baits and only had hits on deep divers. I covered around 6 km of snags and found it a pretty dissapointing first session for my bass year

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They're around I'm just finding it difficult getting right with the weather at the moment. This week is looking a lot better though....just as I'm going away for the weekend.

A fish is a fish don't forget that. I'm super happy if I just score the one.

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