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Braid is fine with downriggers, but you need to keep a constant watch on your sounder. Not sure why you need an 8 to 10l lbs bomb- 4 to 6 should be adequate? At least for in shore / headland use.

Im downrigging in 25m+ over inshore reefs but my current setup isnt getting down well enough unless the current and wind are on the low side.. Logic would say heavier bomb and lighter braid on the downrigger eqauls better vertical positining and less lift in the water coloum.

I currently run 200lbs braid with 8lb bomb but it isnt working on those stong current.

The coastline and the harbour downrigging its fine.

Think im just gonna have to trial and error

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I use 300lb braid in my downrigger, why not go bigger? No harm in it. I run a 6ln bomb wouldn't run any lighter than that

Because of blow back. You might drop you DR to 100ft but in reality your fishing maybe 80ft, putting you out of the stike zone

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It is very minimal with the heavy braid I can see it on the sounder and it is only a couple of feet higher than where I set it if I'm dowrigging 15m down and that's about as far as I ever downrig.

I've experimented with different weights and lines etc I've found 300lb with the 6lb works perfect

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