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New model Alvey reel


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Please give an up date after your first test run.

Looks good!

PS Last week pulled a 63 Flattie on that shimano stradic 1000 outfit I bought of you, on 2 kg line. That is a special out fit.


Will be sure to add a review.

Well done on breaking the world record for the number of flattys caught by one man haha.

Glad she's slaying them for ya.

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Have you look at the 6000c8

Looks beautiful

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Beautiful and expensive!

Part of the reason I adore my alveys is they're tough and they can cop a bit of a scratch and a knock and no need to sweat because at around $100 (6 inch direct wind model, and smaller drag models), they're easily replaceable. If I go and spend $400-$500 on a reel, I'll be concentrating more on not scratching it than fishing.

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