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Sydney harbour 3/12/15


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Had a quick flick this morning. Went to grab livies first thing which proved exceedingly difficult - not for the first time these past few weeks mind you... Tried spots A, B, C and D before finally going back to A where I managed two yakkas and a squid.

Took them to my other spot with a mate, and threw one out each, and the squid on a little rod.

Squid was first to go, made very light work of the 4lb gear... Managed a few more squid before my yakka was shown a bit of interest. After a few nudges and an eventual slack line, I brought it in to see its head missing. Tailor presumably.

My mates livie went off shortly after but only for a salmon.

Things shut down for an hour or so when i went to check on another squid I had out. Got a few touches as I was winding it in and then this little fella jumped on. Samsonfish I think?

Headed home shortly after, reasonably satisfied.


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thanks guys.

Sure is Krispy - just a matter of finding the bait to catch them!!

Hopefully it won't be too long before they start hitting lures a bit more freely...

Samson came up real nice, similar to a trev I'd say.


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YUM! yeah Samson goes alright as sashimi but my favourite would be Amberjack

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