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Help and advice needed!


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Gday raiders.

So my mate and i have just booked a weeks accomodation in cairns for next october.

We are doing a road trip so its gunna be a crazy few days. We are allowing ourselves 3 days travel to arrive but stopping off each day at 2-3 different locations for an hour or 2 at each stop to throw all sorts of lures.

What we are after is some good reccomendations to stop off on the way. Please not too far off the a1 freeway haha. A bit of info abiut the spot.

Now also things to know and do abiut cairns

We will be going on 2 estuary charters

One outer reef charter and one in shore reef charter and then hiring a 6m polycraft self drive hire boat onr day.

So any reccomendations would be bloody brilliant. Dont forget site rules. Companies via pm.

Thanjs everyone. Appreciation in advance :)

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