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Recommendations for new kayak for my son


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Hey mate, few options but depends on age / fitness / size and budget?

The 300 odd dollar flea bay ones are a good bet for starting out, after that you jump in price to the 600 or so dollar equivalent. Theyre quite a bit bigger but very stable and they have a rudder which makes tracking and turning much easier especially in the current on the georges. After that it jumps up to about a grand.

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Have a look at the Riot Quest 9.5 or 10. They track well, they have an arched hull. They are light which means you will use it more often, I can get my son's 9.5 on the roof by myself. They have a storage compartment and there are some cracking deals on them new if you look around. They also come up on ebay etc, I got mine for 400 on ebay, but they are good value new as well.


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Sorry mate, I missed that you had already bought one, hope they have fun with it.

Thx guys I ended up getting a double from riverwood Warehouse for $600 with 6 rod holders for the two boys . They are lucky for an early Xmas present . They can't wait to hit the water . b6ef1c9c21b14937462eadede2faa82d.jpg

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