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Night fish!


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Hey guys,

So I've been doing my nut in only being able to fish once a week with my new job, so I figured I'm going to start going out once a week in the evening. Most of my sessions will be LB, but I'm eyeing an evening session this week on the kayak.

Thursday - Cooks river.

Target = Jewfish

Tides = High tide is around last light.

Fishing lures, unless I can bag some decent bait between now and then.

I'll be looking to launch around 7 - 730, fishing under the bridge on Marsh street. Will fish until about 10 I reckon.

I've got lights for the yak and will be making myself very visible. Any other tips are more than welcome!

Anyone keen to join?

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if your launching at that ramp in the park next to the road bridge be careful, its extremely slippery. If you own a 12 foot or longer kayak and are wheeling it down, the ramp is really steep too which means it scrape on the bend.

A lot of current too mate so just make sure you dont ram into anything in the dark.


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