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Where to go 12/12


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Hi raiders

Just need some input on where will be the best spots to go fishing this Saturday 12/12.

I'm hiring a 6m boat with 150hp from 6am to 4pm. Our plan a was to go outside and check out the fads and the peak. The forecast not looking good atm with swell around 2m and wind will blow to 30kph from around 3pm. Suppose to be below 10kph in the morning.

Thanks for any input and good luck to anyone fishing tomorrow

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Are you experienced with offshore boat handling? Conditions don't look great to me for tomorrow I wouldn't be going outside, though my boat's only 4.6m so I do need to be a bit more cautious...

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Been outside the heads in bigger boats (51 footers) in up to 5m swell

Im not allowed to take the 6m boat if the swell is over 2m and wind over 30knots

Looks like well be fishing inside the harbour if the swell dont drop to about 1.5m

Thanks for the advice

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Was just looking at this. See if this happens on your end.

I view the wind in Km/h - tomorrow is around 30km/h

If i change it to knots, then I get 11 knot winds. 11.8 knots = 21km/h winds.

Something wrong here or am I missing something? Same place, time, location!

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