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Quiet session on south creek.


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So I managed to sneak in a quick fish for two hours in between birthday dinner and other shenanigans on the weekend. Yesterday arvo weather was a beaut and it felt promising.

Was fishing a new section to me along south creek and it looked very promising. Sad part is I didn't hook a single bass but I think I needed more time to explore this section as there was loads of vertical timber in the middle and edges of the creek that just didn't get enough attention.

I must've seen about 15 or so carp just cruising along the surface and actively feeding. They were horses too, 12 gauge pump action only thing that could take these. Also saw the occasional bass take on the surface so i was pretty frustrated as to not hooking anything. Did manage to jag a carp though I never landed him 6834dcbf97ebe1fc99fd38f9b498bd6b.jpg

Ran into some other fishos doing the same as me and they said they weren't having much luck either.

Lost my only feralcatt lure too which was annoying cause it was one of my favorites.

Gonna explore it again next weekend anyone want to tag along?

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