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Saturday bass session


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Here's part 2 of my account that leads on from paul, the man, P-Ziller himself's own report of yesterday arvo.

Knowing there were bass in this section of the creek I had to go back there and better my score of just 1 from the day before. So after pimping up an old bmx I had lying around cause I wasn't walking there again, my brother (14) and I hit it up this arvo.

Know normally my brother out fishes me by a long shot, he's just one of those people that doesn't have to try to get the fish and I put the hard yards in for a fish...

Anyway get there around 5 hid the bikes in bush and bush bashed it to our target spot. Using jig spins like the day before we got in to it and it wasn't long before I'd hooked two fish of three casts. Was cheering...put the next two into a tree and then a hollow log that it wasn't coming back out of.

Rigged up and walked over to my brother who was trying to make the most of my pit stop. One cast into the hole he just worked and I was on...even better then catching a fish was being able to catch it rub it in my brothers face.

Very much worked out like this all arvo with 5 fish caught making it my best session this season and not to mention plenty of lures lost... Gonna upgrade leader to 12-15lb for this tight stuff.

My philosophy "if you don't hook a tree or the bank every 10 casts then you just ain't fishing"

Biggest fish went 33 to the fork but only one photo taken of a healthy 30cm fl I managed. d7de196e7e6c38dac54af15c6f67d5c0.jpg

Big thanks to Paul for coming yesterday was great company and good to watch him progress in skill throughout the session. I'm no bass whisperer just a kid trying my best to learn. Aaron at Windsor B+T is a bass whisperer that guy knows his bass and I've learnt so much just from talking to him. Highly suggest checking them out for anything bass related.

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