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Tailor on surface lures


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Hey everyone.

So last friday my mate and i hit the entrance in our yaks to try to adventure down a feed pf flatties. We tried a few spots that we know produce but wind picked up around 6ish so we thought lets call it an arvo head home have some tinnies and watch the a league.

As we were paddling back to the car we notice a small somethint smacking some baitfish on the surface.

So as we all do we stop and quickly tie on some surface lures. Now hookiny a fish on a surface lure is something my mate and i have been trying to nail for a few months now.

Anyway my mates 1st cast something has a craxk at it on the retrieve. This instantly got the blood boiling and casts pumpint. 2nd cast he hooks up to a nice little tailor. As i finish tying mine on 1st cast and i was on aswell. A massove achievement for both of us and were grinning ear to ear.

I ended up landing 4 and my mate 2. All just under legal but we were so happy to finally get into some surface action.

Made those drinks all the more greater :)))

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