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Targeting Snapper and Kingfish from land base SYD


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Hi everyone,
I am new here, so first of all Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoyed the holiday with your families.

back to my topic. I am a beginner fisherman, I know the basics. I am targeting snappers and kingfhish.
I have been in many places the last two months but I couldn't catch any good fish all of them undersize. So wondering if any body happy to share some good land base fishing spots around Sydney?

I have tried Clifton Gardens, La perouse and Cremorne Reserve. I feel I am just wasting my time with these undersize fish. If you dont want to share your spots in public post feel free to PM I really appreciate it. I have car to drive around and happy to climb some rocks if I need to.

Also I am using prawns, squid and pilchards (for snappers) and have lure for the king fish. And my rig one sinker in the bottom and two hooks above it. like this one

thanks in advance for any advise or help.

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Hey mate, I'm not too sure about Snapper, but people have lots of success with Kings at Pier 2, just west of the Harbour Bridge:


The most popular baits are live Yellowtail and live/fresh squid. If you don't mind live-baiting, I'd recommend you try it here. Unfortunately the area can get quite busy (especially on weekends) and you'll have people regularly taking home undersized fish. If you are able to go on a weekday though, it is a great spot to fish (particularly for targetting Kings landbased).

Keep in mind that you're around quite a bit of structure and Kings are dirty fighters so it's difficult to be gentle with them (you'll see just about everyone locking their drags and skull-dragging the fish in).

I should mention that I'm yet to land a King (I was at Pier 2 when I hooked onto one though) so my advice is based on what I know has worked for a lot of people.

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Thanks mate for your reply, I really appreciate it.

I didnt know about this place I will give it a go. I dont mind using live baits but currently I dont have place to keep them alive. do you think it will work if I catch yellowtails and use them dead? I will keep them frozen. And any suggestion how I should keep them alive? what the best equipments do I really need? I know how and where to catch them. sorry for asking a lot of questions.

thanks again

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Ask as much as you'd like, we're here to help. Yellowtail are quite abundant at Pier 2, which is good because you don't have to change locations when you want to send the bait out. For your setup, I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing it all, so hopefully someone will be able to help out.

How many rods do you have? What I normally do is catch the Yellowtail on one rod (my lighter rod) and send it straight back out as live-bait on the other rod (my heavier rod). If you only have one rod, you could bring a bucket with a rope attached to the handle (you're quite high above the water so the rope will allow you to collect some) to leave the bait in while you change your hook/leader/etc.

Regarding using them dead, I'm sure they've worked for people before, but from what I've heard they're not nearly as successful (for Kings) compared to live. I've heard of people having success using them butterflied for Jewfish. Have a look here:


Equipment is quite tricky to answer because there are a few approaches that all work and it depends on what you prefer. Some people only use mono, others like braid, some like fluorocarbon for their leader and some don't use any leader at all. I'm not the most experienced in the rods and reels department so again I hope someone who knows their stuff can help you out.

In terms of rigs, one of the simplest setups is to go from mainline > leader > hook, joining the lines with a knot such as the Double Uni. However, this is not the only rig so make sure you find one you're happy with.

Sorry if it wasn't helpful. I'm still sort of new to all of this and it's a bit hard to give an answer without knowing some more details about what you have/would like. Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like, and I'll try to help out as much as I can.

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