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Queenscliff vic


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Hi all

My wifes nephew got a call from one of his mates and told him that there are plenty of squid at the queenscliff wharf. So quickly packed the squidding gear and off we went. 87kms in around 75mins. Got to the spot around 1030pm. Cant believe what i saw. The wharf was packed to the rafters. At least 50 people on the wharf. Rods everywhere. Had to wait a while to get spot. The gear they use down here are very different from what we usually use in sydney. 6m telescopic squid poles. I got my daiwa 2000 crossfire combo and my sienna 2500 combo. I also got my 2.0 squid jigs. Everyones using the 3.5 squid jigs. I was the odd one out. The guys on my left and right landed 2 squid in the 1st hour we were there. They were using the gancraft 3.5 jigs in red and black. Im using 2.0 yama in orange and pink. In the 2nd hour only see the other two guys landed 2 squids. Decided to pack up at 1230am. Got back home around 2am. Gonna go back there again tonight hoping to catch some squid for the nye bbq. Gonna put a report hopefully when we get back. Planning to stay until 6am tomorrow. High tide is at 528am. Thanks for reading.

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I went there a bit over 20 years ago when I lived in Melbourne and my then girlfriend, now wife, lived in Geelong. From memory at that time most people used one piece squid rods - no reel, no guides, around 10’ long with line tied directly onto the end, then to jig. It's always been known as a squidding spot at night.

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