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Jervis bay crook haven heads


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Any reports from jb or crook haven?

I'll be down for a week with the fam in a fortnight..

Hopefully get a few squid and get into the Kings, would be awesome to get a few of these, plus I'll be taking my olds out and the wife, so fingers crossed worst case I'll be happy with a feed of flattys..

Is anyone getting much from the area?

Any tips from crook haven? I no my spots in JB, since I'm staying at crooky I should utilise it specially if weather is only going to be good for a few hours.

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Was still getting rats out at the banks early morning bigger legal sized hooked on jigs but dropped in fight. That was at Chrissy time though plenty of squid around too.

If you can it's probably worth getting out to the shelf for some Marlin or dollies.

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Yeah my boat is better for in JB round the heads, cliffs ect, banks on a good day..

If I get a good day I'll try the banks, but I'm happy to stay near the heads and Cliffs.

Hopefully some are around there seems to be plenty Sydney and south and the south coast so hopefully there is a few in a fortnight.

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Hi Mate,

I was down there last week had 3 sessions on the Kings over 3 sessions we managed 46 squid and 40 rat kings with one goodie lost at the boat. You couldn't get away from the rats ranging 55-64cm

All fish was caught under the light house at point perpendicular and along the cliff, we mainly down rigged whole squid or strips. Also 100gram knife jigs, slugs and plastics worked well when they were under the boat. Get there early as the bite slows down when the sun gets higher.

Most fish was found in the 20m mark with baits at the 10m mark

Hope that helps, just make sure you known where the marine parks at as the fisheries was out.

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46 squid.. did you leave me sum for me haha - squid must have been on fire what area did you squid round? i wont be wasting all mine on the kings love fresh squid.

if you dont mind me asking what sort of size where you using as live bait? because i have only ever caught big squid.. 1 small one - i normall use a 3.0 jig, should i go small for smaller squid?

thos exact spots was my plan for the day - get some squid head round to long nose work my way out round the point in search of kings then once the bite is done dift for some flattys -

but we really want some keepers for a feed -

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Hey mate,

Spent a week at JB over the New Year break, and have done so for the last 7 years. Found it generally very quiet, maybe it was the 10,000 boats out there but my father in law reckons it could of had something to do with all the sharks that had been cruising around. Managed some squid, bream, flathead, wrasse and snapper but as i said generally pretty quiet with none of the species we were targeting actually caught, we even hit out "go-to" spot for a few drifts for only small snapper - we go there when its a bit slow for a nice mixed bag but no luck this time round. Will be heading back down over the Australia Day break to try my luck again.

For squid - anywhere around Murrays Boat Ramp where you find the weed. Grab a handful and head to the lighthouse and downrig for kings.

Good luck!

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