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Georges River 3rd and 4th January


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Got back to Sydney on the 2Nd after 4 days at the basin which resulted in one under sized whiting caught by my son and after Xmas 5 days at Lake Eucumbene which netted 3 trout of which I caught one... Needless to say my holiday wasn't going according to plan.

On Sunday I was determined to wet a line in my local. Went out with the young bloke mid morning fishing plastics and hard bodies. A few weeks earlier on a family walk I had noticed a school of tailor around a foot bridge so we tried there first only for me to drop 2 fish. Can this get any worse??? We then move over to some private jetties. Soon I'm into something big and I pull up a 50cm flattie! This is a Pb for me so I was stoked! Shortly after the wind picked up, I tried to get down a creek for protection but the tide was too low.

So Monday I had promised the young bloke I would take him fishing before realising how bad the weather was. About 2pm I bit the bullet and went. Got to the ramp, canopy up, young bloke in the boat ready to go. Back up, get out and the deluge hits. I'm soaked to the bone before I even start. Eventually were off, I've got rain gear on fishing and my son is watching ipad under the canopy. So far not a touch, the wind is getting strong so I have to stop winding mid cast to adjust the electric. When I resume winding the lure is snagged. Can this day get any worse! So totally having the sh1ts I really pull on the rod to find something very heavy coming up from the bottom, I think I am pulling up a log - but hang on this log is swimming away from the boat, I'm in and it's big! Slowly I coax this fish up to see a flattie even bigger than yesterday's! Panic sets in, I'm fumbling for the net, fish is thrashing on the surface but soon he is in the boat. 62cm and 2.5kg's according to the lip grips.

Two personal bests in two days, needless to say I'm am still smiling!

Unfortunately no photos as my phone shattered when the missus dropped it at Goulburn but that's ok, I will never forget the joy on my son's face when he got to touch the two biggest fish he'd ever seen!

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