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Lake Hume


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Hey raiders,

I have been inactive for a couple of months after the company I was working for decided to pull up stumps on manufacturing in Sydney.

Anyway with a missus and 4x children (23 dogs and 1x tropical fish) to feed I was off to re-employ myself.

Things have worked out well and I have been busy starting the new role and on top of that I am a die hard Tigers (Balmain from age of 4) supporter and having forked out $800 for 4 tickets I am in heaven.

I was hoping for some advice on fishing Lake Hume in NSW (32km Sydney side of Albury - not too far from Vic border) with SP's.

I beleive ther are Cod, Yellowbelly and dreaded Carp in there but have never fished the area or chased these types of fish.

I am haeding down for 7 nights this Dec/Jan holidays and wish to throw some lures around.

Any advice or tips most welcome.

Cheers all and happy fishing. :1fishing1:

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