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Pigs This Time Of Year


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Not the past couple of weeks but over about a month before that I went on a number of pig missions for one little piglet. Being a stubborn bastard I kept trying different tides and times to see if the bite would change. I eventually had an awesome sesh pulling boot after boot, watching them nail a bait in clear mid-water, and then gave up.

Things I didn't change that might've helped was line class (8kg) and bait (ab gut and bread). Granted conditions weren't the best they could've been with some pretty flat swell some days, but one piglet out of 8 or so sessions?! What's the story?

I've heard rumours that they bite on cabbage in the spring... what say you...

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Did you berley? You have to be more versatile with your baits. I always take ab gut, fresh prawns and bread with me, I will also use cunji if it is available. I use 10kg line and normally do ok. Each spot fishes differently, but you can normally pull a few fish from anywhere with some berley.

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if you were fishn DY Bash probably came thru and cleaned em up before hand :biggrin2:

:1prop: Nup not me, didn't fish DY once this winter, gave it a rest and looked for more spots. Will probably give the northeren beaches a go this summer, see if any kings are around.

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