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Tweed River


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I flicked some plastics around there last year. There's some decent structure along the shore which hold bream and a few places where you can fish the drop-offs and probably get into some flatties. There are some nice flats you can reach from the sure as well.

It might be a bit tough at this time of year, but if you get up at sparrows fart and get your feet wet when you're on the flats you should get into some fish. I can't help with directions its been too long but keep your eyes peeled for this big arse nipper bed, i think at the south side of the main bridge that pretty much divides NSW and QLD, to the east of that its there, a wharf to the left and the nipper bed to the right of the wharf. You have to walk through a shallow trench about 5m wide and about waist\chest deep and then you can get onto the bed and fish the drop-offs. Pump some of them up i could think of worse whiting spots.

I got jack of it and got out the beach rod when I was up. They sell fresh beach worms up there too. Renting a kayak would be a top idea for some peaceful days on the water i reckon, up around the upper tributaries and some good fish.

Might get smoked by some jacks, that's be tops.

Good luck.

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