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ok i am thinking of getting a SHIMANO 13 BIOMASTER SW 5000PG for the slower gear ratio

for jigging out in some deeper water , i have a stradic 5000FK but at 6.2:1 it is ridiculous

for out there with the heaver weights , it is great off the beach on the 9' rod i took it off so

the real question is are the SHIMANO BIOMASTER SW any better than a stradic FK or just

much of a muchness .

cheers TAC

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Hard tom follow that logic.

Most people I know use a hi speed reel for jigging.

Helps getting the jig through the water column faster.

Biomasters are great reels so are Stradics. Its not that one is better than the other

A Daiwa BG2016 5000 is probably better than both of them for about 1/3 the price, or a Penn Clash for the same money is a far better Jigging reel than either of the Shimano's

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