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Fitbit for fishing!


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Very interesting.

Just pre ordered one ( I am a sucker for gizmos!)

When it comes I will check it out and post a report.

Thanks for posting this Razzell


Well, that was short lived.

The site only allows purchases from the US so I used a US mail Address I have which gets forwarded to Aus.

But the site rejected my card. The card is good so the payment portal either rejects non US cards or there is a bigger problem.

I also notice that although they show that the unit can easily be changed to another rod the actual mounts are not an item available for purchase on the site.

It also looks like the free app is Android only at this stage.

I might send them and email.

Mind you, it could end up last my last gadget... fun for a while but not a feature of my current fishing arsenal.

Check it our here.

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