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lake maquarie north Sunday 28th


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I am keen to do some fishing and get my boat out for a run.

I often fish outside but this weekend i want to do the lake as i haven't used my boat for few months and would like to ensure its all perfect. (engine already tested and perfect)

I like fishing for anything and open minded to suggestions for spots and type of fishing.

I have plenty of gear and room for 4 to fish (can take 7 legally but impossible to fish with 7)

Just payf for share of fuel and bait and we are away.

Message me on 0431796661 if you are keen. The time is flexible.

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Hi timmy I was looking to take mine out Sunday too. Was thinking of trying lives around moon Island dep on weather but happy to try anything. I don't know the lake that we'll as I always head out too. Happy to hook up and use either boat.


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