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Walsh bay


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Hello people,

Just got back from Walsh bay pier 1 , well all I can say I'm very disappointed tonight, arrive at 8pm set up everything then it started to rain so we waited and waited ... Not a single bite. Packed up at 12:30 and back home.

Can any one give us some pointers please ?

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If I was fishing Walsh Bay - especially at this time of year, but anytime really - I would focus on really good bait. Live nippers or live worms would be at the top of my list. Using frozen prawns and squid could be like trying to win the lottery.

It is good water around there - quite clean, deep and lots of structure. A berley bomb loaded with cat food and sent to the bottom, 4-6lb flurocarbon leader, very small ball sinker, small, super sharp, long shank hook, live worms or nippers (most important) ......that should bring some bream up for you.

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