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You could get away with just the Uni and double Uni. For mono and fluro, I like 4 turns (3 for heavy line). When working with braid you need 9 or 10 turns otherwise the line will pull loose.

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For the majority of your fishing you will generally need two types of knots. One to join two lines and one for terminal tackle.

Primarily I use the two knots which Flatheadluke suggested (uni and double uni). If I use 4 turns in mono I would double that for use with braid.

There are stronger knots out there but I find these two rarely let me down and I can tie them pretty quickly. Just remember to test them.

I have one braid for which the double uni keeps breaking so I switch to the surgeon's joiner knot. Very easy once you get used to pulling the lines evenly.

A fishing mate swears by the slim beauty. The FG knot is reportedly one of the strongest joiner knots out there but I haven't found a quick/easy way to tie one and gave up after a few unsuccessful attempts as I have easier knots in my collection.

Once you have learned some of the above then you can look at the

  • Palomar (once or twice through - you'll see what I mean when you look it up).
  • A snell (which I use when chasing Mulloway with big baits and two hooks).
  • A dropper loop for when fishing a paternoster rig.
  • A plait (used in game fishing and technically I don't think it is a knot and thus very strong)
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The Double Unit Knot http://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/double-uni-knot-1 is easy to tie, and is still my preferred knot to tie whilst on the water. However, the FG Knot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjzUb5QRKuk has a smaller profile and travels through small guides much better, allowing for casting greater distances. In addition, it is supposed to be one of the strongest knots. I find the FG Knot more difficult to tie, particularly if you aren’t tying them often, and therefore find it better to do so in the shed, prior to venturing out to fish. There are a number of tutorials on You Tube for the FG Knot, but I find the one above the easiest to understand. The FG Knot, like most fishing knots, is more difficult on small braid/leader.

For tying hard body lures I use the Loop Knot http://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/non-slip-loop-knot . For SP I use the Fish N Fool Knot http://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/fish-n-fool-knot

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