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Saving Sounder Data to SD card


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Hi. My sounder manual says that I can download GPS and sounding data that I've been tracking over to a microSD card. I've been checking out the depths around my favourite spots and I've also been playing around with QGIS (free GIS software) at home, so I want to give this a go. The sounder is a Lowrance Elite-4.

I've got a Navionics SD card in the slot. Has anyone tried writing extra data to their Navionics card, or do I need to pull that one out and write to a different card?


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Navionics are right. Get a seperate card. I'm not sure about downloading the sonar logs but I have downloaded all my waypoints from my hds5 to an sd card so we could transfer them to my mates new Simrad sounder. It's just a matter of making sure you export the correct file format for whatever software you intend on importing it into. Check what type of files you can import into your GIS software and see if you have an option to export that file type directly from your plotter to try to minimise any post processing or file transformations that can be annoying.

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My sounder does not let me save GPS and sounding data but I am quite interested in having a look at some of these files for a couple of reasons:

1) I will eventually replace my sounder and I'd like to seee the output of a few different sounders get a feel for how useful this is as a feature.

2) I'm a tinkerer and hobbiest developer - I'd be interested to see if I can pull these files appart progamatically and do anything interesting with them

Do any Raiders have a few files they would be willing to share? If you PM me and give me an indication of the size we are dealing with we can work out the best way to transfer them.



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