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Wentworth Falls Lake

Bone crusher

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See if toucan get some hard body type floating lures. Baitfish profiles that look like trout or Redfin, or ones with a black back and gold underbody. Depending on your budget you can look at rapala in the f and j series. These will catch se of the trout lurking in there and the Redfin which some fool released! Have fun and if you catch Redfin please do not return them to the water. Dispose of them humanely. Good luck

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I was there several times after local hiking and saw a guy once who was pretty confident what he was doing there - he used small soft plastic lures with different scents. I did not catch anything there however I had to swim once to get some expensive lure back.

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Hi Bone crusher, do you know anyone with a horse if so ask them for some hail from their tail and then tie it to a hook with a little fine tie wire, fish early morning or late afternoon and hopefully you will entice a trout to take it.

Try removing the bark from fallen trees and find white grubs put on the hook without any weight and your in with a chance on anything lurking in the lake anytime of the day however as a shallow lake overcast days are best.

God luck young budding fisho!


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