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Tuna lure sizes

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I like to use smaller lures for the Tuna. The 90kg bluefin we got early in the season took a small black magic jetsetter in purple/black. It's hooked tuna of all sizes and the stripped marlin have had a go at it too. Other skirts like the JB dingo and little dingo which are around 170mm to 250mm long have also been good this season. I've also been experimenting with a swimming garfish rigged with a 'headstart; and the bluefin had a crack at this too. The rigging needs some work but I think it will be pretty effective on tuna, marlin and kingfish. I like to run the tuna lures a fair way back too. Much further than you would for marlin. Hope this helps. Cheers..........


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Agree with the above, match the hatch which can often be extremely small. We found tuna feeding on whitebait before and couldn't hook a fish untill we dropped down to 20g lures, once hooked on that gear they take some slowing up.


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