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New to boats - finding my groove


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Hi Raiders,

I have recently aquired my first boat. 4.3m fibreglass runabout with a yamaha 70h injected hanging off the back. I have taken it out maybe 10 times over the last couple of months and my confidence and ability/understanding of how to drive it is improving naturally. (Broken bay on 2m swell and 17 knot winds was a bit scary for me but not enough to make me turn back)

However I would love it if a fellow raider with more boating experience might be interested in coming for a fish with me and helping me know more about the best way to handle my boat in different conditions and basically help me to understand my capabilities and limitations with my new boat. I am based in sydney and usually fish the hawksbury as I know the waterway pretty well, however I am considering a day on the harbour or botany bay, especially seeing as they are both closer to me!

Its not the best boat for fishing but its much better than no boat for fishing.

Any help or advice appreciated!

Thanks Raiders,

Tight Lines

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