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South Coast Blackfish

Green Hornet

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I decided to have a go for a blackfish or two this morning on a platform just south of Jervis Bay. It was disappointing to see a little more swell than I had expected and the spot I planned on fishing was way too dangerous. Plan B already had 2 guys fishing, so I opted for a north facing ledge offering a little protection from the south swell.

The first few drifts saw the resident pigs bust me up 3 casts in a row but after that they went quiet and gave me the chance to get into the blackies.

The fish were out the back of a wash and I managed four in fairly quick succession before the rising swell convinced me to give it away earlier than I had wanted.

Overall 4 blackfish between 31 and 36cm in a little under an hour and a half was a pretty pleasing result.


Thanks for reading


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Thanks for the replies.

The rock out the front is a great place to fish but as I said, the swell was too big on the day. I ended up fishing over in the left hand side of the pic.

There has been fatalities but not for a long time. I've fished there for 30 years or so and felt quite safe, but I do know when to leave.

Low rocks like that can be foolproof but not idiotproof.

Burger, I managed to keep my float. With a fairly heavy main line down to a 6lb trace, I've been fishing the same float since the mid 1980's.

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You'll know every nuance of that float then!!!!

What weight main do you use GH?

Sure do. The old float has had many coats of paint, a few new sets of guides and just never dies.

At that spot you quite often need long drifts and with a fair side current mending line is a real issue, so I prefer to use braid there. The stuff I use is Duel Hardcore X8 PE1.5, which is rated around 12kg, any thinner and I have trouble seeing it. I FG knot that to a length of 20lb fluorocarbon that I run the float through, then a short length of 12 or 8lb for my sinker and a 8 or 6lb trace, depending on how they're biting.

Other easier to fish spots I use 12lb floating mono off my Avon Royal Supreme III.

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Do you pull many hooks with the braid? Or do the fc leaders give you enough stretch . . .

I don't think so, but I don't go as hard on them using braid as I would mono.

As I said before, at this place its hard to keep a straight line and striking a fish doesn't always work. Instead when I get a down I hold the rod at 90 degrees to the float and wind like hell until I come up tight to the fish. This is where the quicker line recovery of a spin reel is necessary.

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