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Fishing report - Sydney & Middle harbour


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Good evening all.

I'm delighted to offer up my first fishing report I apologize in advance because it's not as exciting as some.

I set off from Roseville ramp at around 5am to a crisp 8 degrees.

Headed out with the mission of learning my way around a little I.e rocky point, sugarloaf bay, wedding cake etc.

the water appeared very clear in both middle and the main harbour. I stuck my head out of north head for a little bit but as it's the first time I'm not sure if it looked clear or not.

Water temp was a consistent 17.5 - 18 degrees. The swell inside was flat and it was a cracking day. I kept my eye on the birds but nothing seemed interesting. I didn't see anything busting up the surface anywhere.

I managed to land my first squid on a pink yozuri followed by one more :) I dropped a live squid off the side around the spit on my way home to try my luck but no interest at all.




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Still no Kings around as far as reports go but I have heard of a few inside Middle Harbour. Well done on the Squid.

I heard the same about middle harbour but didn't get any takers on my live squid. But had a very cool day regardless.

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