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Looking for an easy place to start Blackfish fishing Sydney

Sea Ranger

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Hi everyone.  I got either Thursday or Friday free for a fish.   Just me..  I got all the gear (I think)  but haven't got a down yet.  Anyone going out in the Sydney area and would mind a shadow to see how it's done?    I don't have weed or cabbage at the moment but could fetch some 





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Hi there, 

nice place for blackfish is south maroubra (rock side). Easy access for son and you and a lot of blackfish .......

Im not really good to explain exactly where the place is, but if you want send me pm and I can show on the map where the spot is!


have a fun


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I would go where Blackfish Angler told you to go,in the Harbour.

South Maroubra rocks are exposed to full on ocean swell and wind I would not take my 15 yr old son there.

You fish in the wrong weather conditions there and your in the water,pure and simple.

Big Greenie and Little Greenie are the only places I know at South Maroubra and both are dangerous in the wrong conditions and yes people have been washed off the rocks there and died.

Bad choice.

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