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Fishing in Gold Coast's canals


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Bull sharks!!

I stayed in a holiday place up there a few years ago and the place backed on to the canals. It the week I was up there I caught two little bull sharks

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Wow! Do you remember which bait have you used?

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Plenty of bullies, big mangrove jack, bream, flathead, javelin, a variety of trevally and tonnes of estuary cod and qld grouper. Lots of pesky catfish too.

Best bet is live prawns or mullet, cast netting is pretty popular up there to get bait from the banks.

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Bull sharks love the live mullet or boney bream. 15-20cm mullet with a 6/0 circle hook through the back with a short wire trace on bream gear makes for lots of fun. In summer you would land 5 in a couple hours pretty easy, I don't think people realise how prolific they are.

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