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Hawkesbury Crabbing/Fishing

Anthony S

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Fished the Upper Hawkesbury River on Sunday with my boys. Caught a couple of crabs and a few Flathead.

Biggest went 63cm which wasn't a bad catch for a 7 year old. He fought it like a pro all the way to the boat.

My other son got second prize with a 48cm model. Dad managed a couple of the smaller fish.

All fish caught on a mixture of trolled hard bodies and soft plastics.

Beer batted flathead and chilled mud crab for dinner.


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great catch mate! what were you using for the troll to catch them flatty? i assume you were using something heavy to drag it along the bottom right:)? and crab were just snag on line? look forwards to your advice.


Flatties caught on small hard bodies trolled in shallow water. Crabs were caught in crab traps.

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5 in a hour! That's just madness. Where about do you guys drop pots anyway? Never tried before

Sorry missed the post. Brisbane water for me. Was slow the following week but saw more the weekend just gone and a decent 1.7kg buck. Ill get pictures up when im back in the office.

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