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Finding it tough out there


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Went jigging for Kings on Sunday but alas, no kings. But we did get by-catch of 5 Salmon/ Largest was 65cm which was a whopper. We were on light gear so had some real fun. (Yes we chase Kings on light gear as we can get them over sand so we have a good chance still)

After the Salmon action went away we went squidding and caught 4.

Pretty slow day.

Today I took the young guy out and as he does not like winding from 50m we kept it shallow. Lost a pile of gear to Leather Jackets and the wind picked up so we decided to chase Squid. Kids love chasing squid. We got three but dad dropped one so we got two...."Nice one Dad!!!" :nono: Boy was not amused.

Then we went for the "Lets go fast" did that for 15 - 20 min. Decided to try and troll for Kings for a couple of passes but nothing and then anchored up and put a burley block out on the surface. My tip for when taking kids out is always take burley. They don't really care what they catch as long as they catch. As planned the Slimys turned up. Single hook on end of line with strip of squid had the young man in hero mode. :banana: . Happy days.

Then a Seal came and spoilt the party.....but then he left. :banana:

Then the young mans Kwells must have worn off as he got the sickness. :puke:

That was the end of it.

Great day on the water with my son. Really enjoyed it and really knackered now.

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Well done recurve on a great day out with your son. I took my eldest out today and he caught all the fish (as usual!!).

Noticed another three father and son teams out today. Great opportunity to take the day off and get some one on one.

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Good times mate, my daughter needs to boat a fish every 3.5 minutes or its back to the ipad.

The warm water is being pushed in , the temp break from 18c to 20c was only about 13km off the gong today. Was off kiama canyon on Sunday and didn't turn a reel.

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