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Port kembla 28/9/16


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Hill60 28/09/16

Decided to take the family for a drive to port kembla. Got to hill60 and the carpark was full. Alot of workers doing some type of construction. Saw half a dozen fishos so decided to check it out. Anyway started fishing around 1pm with 2 rods using pillys and squid. Swell was around 1.5m so plenty of water on the ledge. A huge wave came and wet all my gear. Safest spot was at the point so me and my eldest son fished that spot. Keep losing the bait to pickers so started using small hooks. Landed 3 black drummer and kept 1 for the wife. Run out of pillys so started using prawns and chicken. Keep losing the bait to puckers so decided to pack up around 3pm. The swell was getting bigger too. Around 2m. Was hoping for a kingy or even a salmon but no joy. Plenty of birds near the islands. Saw 3 boats following the birds but didnt see anyone catching. Planning to go back next week after the long weekend. Going to nelson bay this long weekend and will be fishing the marina breakwall the beaches. Have a safe weekend everyone.

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