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Amadee Island, Noumea


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This is in a marine park at Amadee Island off Noumea, not allowed to throw a line in but we fed them garlic bread (cos' they're French fish) I think they are mostly very nice sized Mangrove Jacks, there is a huge GT in there as well he was the bully and just outside of the photo were two massive Barracuda's hanging around waiting, I actually thought they were Spanish Macks but the local natives said otherwise maybe they are very similar. This was all on the inside of the reef ring that always surround the islands out here but I'm betting that the deep blue water on the otherside of the reef would have been very productive. But once again I never got the chance to wet a line and STILL have a brand new rod and gear ready to be christened,lol

PS all of the fishing shore tours that were booked were either cancelled due to weather and ocean conditions or they never caught anything.

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I am glad you enjoyed your self in Noumea, although expensive its a lot more classier then a certainl similar island all the turkeys flock off too in our North West. Vanuatu is really nice too and the fishing and snorkelling there is amazing.

I went on a free dive around Canard island in Noumea and it was amazing, I remember seeing so many different species of fish although the hole time I was concerned about those cone snail thingys. Paranoid as anything lol.

Sad to here that you got bad weather there :(

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