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Surface scratches on rods


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Lately I've noticed a couple of surface scratches in the paint on a couple of rods I own.

On my Penn Prevail around the lower half of the top half where I would rest it against the wharf/fence while I had a bait out, and on my Ugly Stik around the tip where I had scraped against a rock climbing down from the ledge.

Both rods are graphite composite with a glossy finish. I've taken them to the tackle store and been assured that these are just cosmetic, though I'm wondering if there is anything I could do to make them less visible?

I was thinking of putting a little clear nail polish over the scratches but thought I'd check here first to see what ideas others had.

Could I paint over them?


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Guest Lord Loser

There is a couple of rod varnish's around, no need for mixing, just paint on with a soft brush. Most tackle shops that sell rod building supplies should have something to help you out.

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