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Kings, out of this wind!


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Hi Raiders,

With the recent arrival of Kings in our beatiful waterways I have been eager to get after them.

However it has been so windy and I am relatively new to boating so my usual spots are a bit touch and go for me.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of spots I could access without heading out into too open stretches of water. A squid/bait spot near by or on the way would be a bonus.

Botany , hawksbury, harbour all all options for me.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Tight lines.


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To be honest mate, no one is going to post their kingie spots on a forum that the public can view, during a long weekend where tomorrow is looking to be 27 degrees..

I would get on google maps, and look at bays facing away from the wind, e.g. Long Bay at middle harbour in a southerly or bantry bay in a NE wind. I've found the fishing the last few weeks to be average at best.

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Firstly let me say that I appreciate your honesty and advice.

And secondly, now that I think about it you're absolutely right. No one in their right mind would do that,probably inlcuding myself. That said there are PMs. Hehe

I will get my maps out and do a little ground work as suggested. I feel a bit silly asking now. Solution seems obvious now that I think about it.

And lets hope for all our sake the fishing picks up over the next couple of days. I am heading out monday so fingers crossed the stars will align.

Thanks again.

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