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Rod heights for landbased

Novice fisher

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depends where youre fishing. If fishing off a wharf 6-7ft is reasonable as most of the times the fish aren't going to be that far out. If youre at a beach or off the rocks and you need to get distance to find a gutter or steer a fish away from the rocks then 10-12 ft would be better.

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Hey raiders what's a decent height rod for overall lb fishing as I am unsure I'm getting to the fish rarely bites old help

Depends what (e.g whiting or jewfish), where (e.g. quiet estuary, surf, rocks) and how (lures or bait) are you targeting. 12 feet may not be enough for the surf while 8 feet might be too much for estuary. Tell us more what do you intend to do with it.

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