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Rods to match new reels


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Hi Guys,

I've recently upgraded to a larger boat that I can take offshore and I plan on targeting Kingies, Spaniards & snapper.

I've bought a Saragosa 25000 for jigging and trolling & a Thunnus 12000 baitrunner for straylining & bottom bashing.

My question is what rods should I be looking to match with them for the above. I was planning on putting either 65lb or 80lb braid on the Saragosa and 50lb braid on the Thunnus.

I'm wondering if a 7ft rod with a softer tip is better for jigging or if a more rigid rod is best. Suggestion for both setups is appreciated.

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Looks like a great rod. I'm looking on Shimano's website and from what I can see, the 400 only comes in a 1.7m with line class up to 37kg. That sounds right for the jigging rod but for straylining with 50lb, am I better off with a softer rod? I went out with a mate that has an Ugly Stik Black Tiger and that was rated 5-25kg. Seemed to be really responsive but could still pull up anything that we were catching.

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Looks like it's discontinued....

I'll go to the shop this weekend and check out the t-curves. Thanks for the advice!

Shakespeare UGLY STIK - BLACK TIGER Spin Rod 7'0" 5-25Kg 2PC

Ugly Stik Black Tiger rods are the no nonsense, hard working, boat rod branch of the family tree. All constructed on powerful, fast taper, Ugly Stik blanks the series includes spin, trigger winch casting rods and baitcast rods for line classes up to a brutal 27kg. The 1484-002 is a deadly 2.1m 2pc casting rod rated for lines from 5 to 24kg and should be included in the tackle of any angler making a trip to PNG chasing black bass, OR any trip off the rocks or around the Buoys chasing Kings. This one won't explode on the fish of a lifetime.

Part of the reputation that Ugly Stiks have earned is that of being as tough as nails. It is highly unlikely that an Ugly Stik will break under normal fishing conditions. Since the introduction of super braids on the market there has been a swing back to the Ugly Stik by a lot of knowledgeable anglers who have seen too many competitors graphite rods explode under the stresses created with these new lines. There is simply no better rod on the market than the tough, durable Ugly Stik for using with super Braid lines.

Dependable Ugly Stik rods are ready to meet the challenges of big water fishing. For over 25 years, Ugly Stik rods have been standard equipment on boats all over the world.

Shakespeare UGLY STIK - BLACK TIGER Spin Rod 7'0" 5-25Kg 2PC SPEC's:

Model: 1484-002

Length: 7'0" (2.10m)

Style: Spin - Land Base (or Boat Spin)

Construction: Graphite/Glass

Guides: Fuji - 6 + Tip

Guides: Under and Over Bound

Gimble: Yes

Action: Medium

Line Weight: 10lb to 50lb / 5kg to 25kg

Pieces: 2

Blank-through-handle construction for added strength and sensitivity on all models.

Ugly Stik Clear Tip® design for guaranteed strength and sensitivity.

Epoxy-coated blanks for protection from UV rays.

Top quality Fuji® guides & components


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I went to the shop and saw some of the rods and looking around there are some awesome online deals at the moment on the Shimano Ocea PE5 Jigger and also the Penn Powercurve Fathom 24-37 Jig rod.

The reviews from the guys at my local show were mixed on the T-Curve. Is the Ocea the next level up or all the same? How do you rate the Penn in comparison?

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