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Land-based game fish in Sydney and surrounds...


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Hi all

I am going to be in Sydney for a week in mid-November and would love to have a go at fishing some of the ledges which are accessible from land. I'm not local so am starting from scratch in terms of knowledge of the area. I will have a 50lb spin/popping set up with me as well as a 9wt fly set up too.

I will be staying in the Bondi area and may rent a car for a few days so I could be mobile if needed.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could have a go at throwing some lures/poppers for some pelagics/game fish? Also the best time of day/tide to fish them and what works best?

I would also be keen to try throwing a few flies around in the harbours/flats/beaches so if anyone has any advice there that would be great too.

I'm based in Kenya so am used to walking in to inaccessible areas and roughing it so have no worries if there are any off the beaten track options.

Thanks in advance!


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On 21 October 2016 at 4:15 PM, nickb111 said:


If you're after fly stuff I'm thinking its too early in the season.

Are you thinking this style of fishing? Thats south coast, but theres no reason it wouldn't work up north or even on the eastern suburbs rock ledges?

Hi Nick

Thanks for that - currently in China so YouTube is blocked... Frustrating!


Have caught flatheads on fly before so will give them a go...


Once I'm out of China I will check the video out. 



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2 hours ago, nickb111 said:

Its catching bonito, salmon and tailor on fly from a rock ledge. Looks cool but I'm not sure how easy it would be to do. 

If they are there then wouldn't be too hard at all I reckon... What are the numbers of fish on these points like? In mid November...?

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Bluefish point on the ocean side of the manly peninsula is a great spot for kings and some other rock species as well as the rocks at the south end of whale beach. Another good spot is at the tip of barrenjoey peninsula below the lighthouse. 

I recommend a spot in the harbour near camp cove (the rocks at the south end) they hold good numbers of luderick between the rocks and sow and pigs reef. I've caught frigate mackerel, salmon, bonito, and small kingfish there when spinning too. 


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