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Who's heading out Nov 5th & 6th for a fish?


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Hi Everyone,

Who's heading out this weekend from Sydney and where and what are you targeting?

I've fished mostly in Pittwater and I'm now trying to learn Sydney Harbour and Offshore but finding it hard to find the big kings and flathead grounds.

Any tips or locations would be greatly appreciated.  I love to learn from the locals.



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 Big Kings at the moment are a bit of a No Show (Hopefully Soon) As for Flathead grounds There are a few that are my go to spots but are based South of Sydney ... Saturday ain't looking that great in regards to the wind & Sunday Big Swells for outside.

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This weekend seems a bit busy so I'm going to try and get out Thursday evening from middle harbour.   I'll probably go around contarf and Balmoral (see if I can recatch your good flathead!) or if the conditions are good,  over near the quarantine station.

Good luck on the weekend. 


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