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Squid gone quiet ?


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Hey Raiders.

been heading to wally's wharf a fair bit and having a crack at the squiding there since my sterndrive snapped on me so I'm taking up landbased for a bit:( ?? and have been getting absolutely nothing I'm only new to the squiding sene so any tips or other spots I can try out landbased in the hacko for squid. Cheers 




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3 hours ago, beejay said:

Salmon haul can be very hit and miss these days I find. 5 or 6 years ago it was a different story...


Like one of the fishos at wallys last night said wallys use to be the go to place for squid a few year back 

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12 minutes ago, albatro55 said:

Off the right hand side is best! I've seen good bait sized squid plucked straight out of the bath itself though

Getting ready now to go out and have a crack at the baths let you's know how it goes 

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