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Greenwell Point


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Had a great weekend last week at Greenwell Point, Fished Thursday, Friday on my boat and Saturday on a charter with fish on all three days.

Thursday picked up 15 flatties and Morwong between us ranging from 40 cm to 55 cm, Mowie well over a KG.

Friday picked up four Snapper including one fish that gave 3 KG a shake more Flatties and Mowies - two flatties today were monsters 1 was 70cm and the other close to 65cm big for blue spots.

Saturday fished a charter for much the same no big Snapper biggest about 2 KG, Slimeys everywhere and big buggers as well, few Mako's around had one cut a Wrasse in half and then hang around for a few minutes, beautiful creature in the water.

Overall great trip and on Monday enjoyed the fruits of a whole baked Snapper.

Nice to be fishing again. 





Greenwell Flatties 2.jpg

Greenwell Flatties.jpg

Greenwell Menu.JPG

Greenwell Snapper.jpg

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Hi Sigma, Thursdays fish were caught about 4km out from Shoalhaven Heads on what they call the Middle grounds

Friday's fish were caught South just short of the Banks West on mixed ground gravel and sand in only 35 metres of water

Saturday all over the place on the charter as it was rough as guts


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