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Broken Bay Assistance Please


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Fish Raiders

Been trying various spots in broken bay over the last 12 months with my sons and have had little success. We always manage to catch something which the boys love but very rarely anything worth keeping.

I have a 5m boat and any tips on location, baits, techniques to start to catch some keepers would be greatly appreciated.


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Try the north west corner to the centre north of Lion Is about 30 to 50 metres off the rocks, fish baits or plastics from the bottom OR

cast lures/plastics towards shore and back to boat, you should pick up something worth the trip.



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As frank said, casting lures towards the shore goes well, pick up tailor and kingys if your lucky.

Broken bay is very diverse and its fishing spots range.

A good spot is inbetween the heads, depth of 20 meters and greater. Drift with a patanosta with either pillies or frozen squid. Always guarinteed a flatty. Just take note as sometimes you dont always know your on.

Trolling around lion island works a treat.

Also the passage upstream from juno point has a few flats producing good whiting and flathead. Use prawns and a running rig.

If you get the right tide and day. Anchor under the bridge, running rig with full pilly hooked and set your drag to a good run pressure. When those Jews hit they dont stop!!!!!!!

Good luck to ya.


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