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Freshwater fishing with lures


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Hi all, just recently got into fishing and have just started using lures but with no such luck yet.

Any pointers and tips would be great.

By the way I'm from Bathurst and any good ideas for places to go would also be a great help



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choose your target and match lure size accordingly (if you tell me what your chasing I can give you some more specific information)

slow roll retrieve

loop knot for line to lure

when choosing a lure its all about action, if it doesn't swim properly it wont catch fish

lots of casts, freshwater fish tend to be territorial so give a snag multiple cats before moving on

don't give up the more casts you make the more likely you are to succeed

hope this helps



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for the lake fishing for yellas and redfin shad style hardbodies in 50-80mm size you can go bigger the biggest consideration is probably depth you want something thats going to get down deep if you intend to troll casting the back edge ot weed beds is also a good option medium sized spinnerbaits are also a good option 

lipless cranks are very popular but are also snag magnets and can get very expensive

Thompson creek dam is trout fishing, minnow style lures (long and skinny) are my go to for trout again 50-70mm are a good starting size although my pb trout was on a 35mm lure, my favourite trout lures are "black magic" bmax, Rapala husky jerk and strike pro baby archback

get yourself a reasonable selection of lures, you dont have to go out and by a heap of the most expensive hardbodies out there, brands like Zerek, Rapala, Atomic and strikepro have a lot of lures that wont make you cry everytime you lose one

hope this helps


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